Staying Healthy


A lot of people look for a silver bullet or a magic potion which will solve all of their ills when they think about their health. In actual fact, most of the health problems in the West are self-induced, and avoidable with common-sense. With that in mind, try these:



  • Work. But don't over-work. Even if you love what you do. You still need to take time out for yourself.

  • Rest: Your brain and body both need regular breaks in order to stay in peak health.

  • Move: Staying in one position too long, no matter what that position is, is not good for your body

  • Exercise: Run, walk swim, cycle, do some t'ai chi: Just don't over-do it

  • Breathe fresh air: Recycled, office air with everyone else's germs isn't everything it's cracked up to be, so...

  • Get out into Nature: It's difficult to be at one with nature if you never experience it. Sit under a tree, lie on the grass, look around at the planet which sustains you

  • Unplug: Over-stimulation and addiction to the information our digital devices provide is a huge barrier which stops us appreciating what we have right outside our doors, so make a point of having "device-free" time

  • Sleep: Don't go to bed with your head still buzzing. Prepare for your sleep as you would for anything else. Relax, wind down, keep warm, have a hot drink, and put the day to bed mentally before trying to sleep physically.

  • You are what you eat: Would you fill your petrol tank with mud? No, it's a high-performance engine! What makes you think your body is any different? You want super-fitness, then feed it super-food. Try our DIET PAGE for some good tips

  • Connect: The Tao is what makes up everything you know, so it's important to connect with it, to connect with nature, to connect on a real level with others in society, and to take care of them. Any time you take care of something in the universe, you're taking care of the Tao, and it will take care of you.

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