About T'ai Chi and Qi Gong

Qi Gong and T'ai Chi are gentle, relaxed forms of exercise. Qi Gong and T'ai chi (often called "moving meditation") have been practised in China for many thousands of years, and this style of t'ai chi has proven itself capable of improving health and fighting off the ageing process (not just the signs of ageing!).


As you go through the t'ai chi training process and practise the qi gong exercises regularly, you will find that your body relaxes, your mind and spirit become calmer, and you gradually gain significantly higher energy levels. And that's just the basic level. And because the exercises we practise are gentle, they can be practised by people of all ages and fitness levels.


The benefits of qi gong and t'ai chi are difficult to prove to third parties, though many more studies are now being done, with extremely positive outcomes. But despite all the evidence available for its health benefits, T'ai Chi is still something you have to feel for yourself, and the effect will be that you gradually become more sensitive to the subtle changes occurring within you and in your surroundings, and once you start, you'll find the methods prove themselves.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...



Relaxing and Yielding

Relaxing and yielding to force are the first principles to learn in the Taoist Arts. They allow you to maintain your balance at all times

Breathing, Eating and Drinking

Breathing, food and water are your first sources of sustenance from the natural world. If what you take in is pure, you will emerge reinvigorated


A connection to the earth is vital to your ability to be in harmony with your own life. Without roots, the branches cannot reach for the sky

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